Shiloh’s bio

Shiloh is a native Texan. He was born in Corpus Christi but moved to Austin at the ripe old age of 5 and has never left. He attended Round Rock ISD and graduated from Westwood High School, he remembers when Parmer Lane was just a barbed wire fence he would jump and go fishing on the other side. After high school he received a scholarship to play football at Lamar University and he eventually graduated from Texas State University with a BBA focused in management.

Shiloh started his business career in the early 90’s in downtown Austin on 6th street. After running and owning several bars and nightclubs he expanded his small business ownership in Austin when he received his real estate broker’s license in 1999. Shiloh and his wife Jenny started a real estate asset management company and proceeded to purchase 15 properties in East Austin. Always wanting to grow and do something new, Shiloh branched out to commercial real estate. He purchased a south Austin shopping center that happened to have the fairly famous restaurant, La Fuente’s as a tenant. He fell in love with this old Austin institute and instead of tearing it down he brought it back to life. Shiloh operated the La Fuente’s restaurant for nearly 10 years, opening a second location as well.

On top of managing La Fuentes and his Austin real estate he still pushed himself to go further. In 2010 Shiloh started another acquisition company, Austin Vegas Properties. He then purchased around 20 houses in the Las Vegas area. Building small businesses in Austin was Shiloh’s passion, until he realized he wanted to spend more time with his two daughters before it was too late. This realization made it very easy for Shiloh and Jenny to sell all of their companies between 2013 and 2015. Since then Shiloh has focused all of his time on the Lake Travis Youth Association where he has been a girls soccer coach for nearly 15 years. Currently Shiloh sits on the board and is president of LTYA.